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Our Product Innovation - VIVI®

Traditional Boots: Too wide or too tight on your legs?
Our VIVI®s solve this problem!

Our study: 85% of boot customers complain about a bad fit on the leg.​
Our approach: Divide boots into shoes & shafts & offer boot shafts separately.​
Our mission: Optimal boot fit for everyone regardless of shoe size!​
The solution: VIVI® as a shoe topping that turns your shoes into a perfect variable boot.​

Combine our VIVI®s with your shoes

How to wear our VIVI®s

VIVI® Black Waves

VIVI® Classic Opéra

VIVI® Silver Buckle

VIVI® Black Beauty

Individual shaft dimensions

Individual shaft dimensions

We measured more than 300 women's legs individually with the aim of mapping the frequency distribution of the size relationships between ankle and crotch. Our patterns have been adapted to these distribution patterns. By providing three measurement points of your legs, you can use our size generator to select the VIVI® that is right for you.​
Innovative materials

Innovative materials

We use materials that are characterized by a high proportion of elastane that nestles particularly well to the silhouette of the leg. For ethical reasons, we deliberately avoid using genuine leather. Our efforts to process particularly sustainable materials have been made more difficult by the pandemic. We currently source the majority of our components from Europe and Asia, but in future we will increasingly use sustainable materials such as cactus leather in order to play a pioneering role with our VIVI®s, also from an ecological point of view.​
Handmade in Europe

Handmade in Europe

Our VIVI®s are made in Katowice, Poland, by experienced seamstresses using the latest sewing tools. Nevertheless, strictly speaking, each of our models remains unique, because the processing of the VIVI®s requires the finest manual work. The production facility specializes in producing medium to large quantities of the highest quality.​

What are VIVI®s exactly?

Conventional boots are too wide or too narrow on your legs?

You are probably familiar with the following problem: when you are looking for boots that optimally showcase the silhouette of your legs, you notice that the boot shaft does not fit your shoe size perfectly. Our founder and namesake Vivien Sophie found this observation confirmed in a survey of 250 people during her master’s thesis, according to which over 85% of potential boot customers are often annoyed by this mismatch and discouraged from buying boots.

Our VIVI®s now make wearing boots independent of shoe size!

This was the initial spark for the development of our VIVI®s and the birth of an innovative solution that will enable women to determine and select the right boot shaft dimensions, regardless of their own shoe size. With our VIVI®s we are defining a completely new product category that will offer boot lovers completely new perspectives and possibilities to put together individual boots with their existing, well-fitting shoes.

VIVI®: Shoe topping innovation. The result of intensive market research, tailoring & fabric selection

At fashion markets, fabric fairs in Paris, Milan, Munich or in small fabric shops, we first look for the ideal fabric that inspires our founder for her models and guarantees a certain flexibility in support. With fashion designer friends and experienced tailors, we then spent many hours depicting the ideal, natural silhouette of the leg in our VIVI® patterns. As a basis for data, we measured over 300 women’s legs and gave 30 selected women our VIVI®s to try on at various stages of development. The interplay of ingenious patterns and particularly flexible, cuddly fabrics makes it particularly comfortable to wear. An “anti-slip strip” sewn into the inside of many VIVI® models allows for optimal support, which prevents the annoying slipping down, as is the case with most conventional boots!

No, we are definitely NOT legwarmers - we are VIVI®s!

Anyone who thinks that VIVI®s are gaiters or even gauntlets is very wrong! We want to briefly explain why: 1. VIVI®s are premium fashion: We travel around the world physically and virtually for you and, in cooperation with designer friends, develop collections that reflect the most inspiring impulses from the global fashion metropolises and exude the shine of premium. 2. VIVI®s are fashion heroes: They not only turn your shoes into boots and are independent of shoe sizes. They also have the accompanying beauty effect that they make your legs appear narrower and can strengthen your connective tissue thanks to their compressing substances. 3. VIVI®s are sexy AND functional: how often do you face the question: do you prefer sexy or practical and functional? Our VIVI®s hit the mark. We combine elegance with sexiness and functionality and give you legs that reach the sky. The numerous possible combinations of a VIVI® with different types of shoes help you to use your existing shoes variably and to expand them into boots. You also save space if you want to travel, for example, because with a VIVI® and two pairs of different shoes, for example, you can already create four options for going out.

We can only develop the best products with your input

Our lean start-up approach enables us to design the entire product portfolio in a particularly customer-oriented manner. We always remain open to new things and find inspiration in the most diverse areas of life. We always keep an eye on your preferences. You are an important source of ideas for us and you help us with every feedback to make our products real fashion and leg heroes.

Our vision: self love that brings change!​

It is our vision, in a small but very personal area, to make the world a more beautiful place. Self-love and mindfulness are our focus. Our highest concern is to make your everyday fashion life easier with our VIVI®s and to strengthen your self-confidence in such a way that love for you and your body is noticeably increased. At this point we find a wisdom of the Buddha particularly appropriate: “You are what you think. You radiate what you are. what you radiate you attract.”

Let’s make the world a better place​

Let's radiate Vivien Sophie's spirit together, let's carry and inspire others, because we can only achieve great things in a strong team. In this sense: "Think Big - Your dreams can never be big enough!​​

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