Classic Opéra – Overknee

Classic Opera is made from a highly elastic, high-quality velvet fabric with an exclusive matt finish and sparkling metal drops. By integrating its playful silk-satin bands at the bottom, it offers an ideal transition to any shoe of your choice. A fine silicone strip on the inside of the VIVI® in connection with our special super stretch satin inner lining ensure a comfortable fit with a perfect hold – guaranteed without slipping!

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24 customer reviews


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XS, S, M, L, XL

Outer Fabric

8% Spandex, 92% Polyester


100% Polyester



Washing Instructions

Wipe with a damp cloth or dry clean.

Reviews (24)

24 reviews for Classic Opéra – Overknee

  1. Sophie

    Incredible material, top-notch quality, and slip-free comfort

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  2. Railey

    Couldn’t be happier with my purchase – your leg couture is both stylish and incredibly comfy.

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  3. Chiara Del Ponto

    Thrilled with my new leg couture purchase! Incredibly comfortable and highly recommended. A must-have for both style and comfort!

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  4. Diana Wright

    Incredible product!

    Im a big calves girl and i am so amazed with my new pair of boot legs! They don’t feel tight at all, they fit perfectly good.
    It’s so difficult finding the perfect boot for big calves that I am in shock with this one. Highly recommended.

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  5. Fabiana Adonnis

    In loove!!!

    So happy with my new boot legs! in love with the velvet fabric and the sparkling metal drops, omg just can stop wearing them!

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  6. Hannah Standford

    Most comfortable thing ever!

    I work 8h/day and I always wear these VIVI’s for my shift for compression and comfort

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  7. Milagros

    100% para bailar

    Me encanta usarlas para acompañar mis outfits de baile, y me gusta más que las puedo usar para otras ocasiones! Súper cómodas, realmente se quedan en su lugar 🙂

    Classic Opéra - Overknee
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  8. Alexandra Monroy

    Just beautiful!

    I recently purchased this Vivi and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The quality and craftsmanship are exceptional. It fits perfectly and provides optimal comfort and support.

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  9. Lisa Benett

    This model is very comfy and warm. Has a nice material inside and out😻

    Classic Opéra - Overknee
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  10. Marielle Joaliaux

    Cet accessoire est incroyablement sexy. C’est de la folie ! Je l’adore !

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  11. Iryna Bilo

    Моє замовлення було гарно упаковане, але, на жаль, один шов трохи розійшовся. Я негайно зв’язався зі службою підтримки і отримав першокласне обслуговування. Через два дні я отримав абсолютно нове замовлення. Велике вам спасибі. Я дуже задоволений!

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  12. Priscilla Foddi

    Adorei essa ideia! Estou muito feliz por ter encontrado essa marca. Algo assim estava faltando na América do Sul!

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  13. Frieda Müller

    Ich bin absolut begeistert! Meine Größe war ausverkauft, weshalb ich Vivienne direkt über Instagram angeschrieben hatte, um sie zu bitten, mir Bescheid zu sagen, wenn die Größe wieder verfügbar ist. Sie antwortete innerhalb von 1 Stunde und bat mir sogar an eine Sonderanfertigung für mich zu machen, damit es schneller geht. Der Kundenservice ist ein absoluter Hammer. Das hab ich noch nie erlebt.

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  14. Kim Lower

    Sooo elegant!

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  15. Brooke Blonde

    Amazing German quality ! Great that you ship worldwide 🥰

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  16. Brian Gelder

    Besonders möchte ich an dieser Stelle den erstklassigen Kundenservice. Meistens bekam ich auf meine Fragen innerhalb von 1 Stunde eine Rückmeldung. Das ist echt krass. Weiter so!

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  17. Xenia Hale

    Best shoe accessory ever!!

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  18. Gebby Hamiltons

    This velvet is a dream! Comfort at its best!

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  19. Gertraud Hoppe

    Alles super nur ein Stern Abzug, weil ich das Retourenlabel extra anfragen musste und es nicht dabei war. Aber ist ja auch umweltfreiundlich und nicht so verschwenderisch. Also alles gut 🙂 Würde immer wieder bestellen!

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  20. Olga Harne

    Classic Opera ist mein Favorit! Wenn die Ware ankommt versteht man den etwas höheren Preis. Die Stiefelschäfte haben sogar ein Innenfutter. Alles erstklassig verarbeitet. Schneller Versand1

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  21. Kerstin Wan

    Tolle Idee! So variabel einsetzbar: auf Sneakern, Stiefeletten oder auch Pumps. Großartig!

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  22. Gertrude Tzus

    Arrived after 2 days. Vivien herself answered my requests. Highly recommended!

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  23. Hanna Belgrade

    This velvet material is such a great quality. Most velvets out there are way too shiny and look cheap. This VIVI is absolutely worth the price!

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  24. Leonie Teasa

    You won’t believe how comfy this boot leg is. It feels like cozy sweat pants but looks so sexy. My legs usually look a bit big but this fabric perfectly compresses my tissue without digging in. 🥰🥰

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Why we developed Variable Boot Legs?

Because over 85% of shoe buyers face the problem that the shaft is too wide and slips on the leg or is too narrow and digs in. We’ll help you get the perfect boot!

The Benefits of VIVI® in contrast to conventional boots?

VIVI® is a shoe topping that turns any of your own shoes into a perfect variable boot! And the best part: you choose between different lengths & widths!

Highest Comfort & Style!

We use materials that are characterized by a high proportion of stretch that nestle particularly well to the silhouette of the leg. Particularly positive is the supportive compression effect which comes along with the leg-hugging fit.

Innovative materials

With us, animals do not have to give their lifes! We will increasingly use sustainable materials such as cactus, apple or tea leather in order to play a pioneering role with our VIVI® s, also from an ecological point of view.​

Finest Craftsmanship from Europe

Strictly speaking, each of our VIVIs is unique as the processing requires finest manual work! Our VIVI® s are made in Katowice, Poland, by experienced seamstresses using the latest sewing tools. ‌


Yes, the VIVIs are variable boot toppings that can be put on any shoe you like.
Definitely! We offer VIVIs in many different lengths and widths so that everyone can find what they are looking for. There is the option to order short wearing versions for all VIVI models.

If you are interested in short boots or VIVIs that end below the knee, then you have to order 2 lengths shorter than what is recommended in the size generator for over the knee. Example: The size generator recommends length M, then you have to order length XS for a pure below the knee model.

Yes, any over the knee VIVI can also be converted into a below the knee VIVI by folding the VIVI in at any point, or pulling it down a little overall. For a pure below the knee look, however, we recommend ordering two lengths shorter. 
If you don’t want people to see that your boots are made up of two parts, namely the VIVI and your shoe, then we recommend that you take shoes that go up to the ankle and are as close-fitting as possible. Another tip to create a perfect transition between the shoe and the VIVI is to choose the shoe in the same look as the VIVI. With our first collection, this is quite easy because all models are black only.
With our first collection, this is quite easy because there are only black models, each with different looks: from smooth leather look to velvet to high gloss.
The VIVIs can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or be dry cleaned.
Yes, we will take care of the shipping and return shipping for you!

Styling Inspiration Classic Opera

Perfect for an everyday look!

Or do you prefer heels?

Endless styling options with a VIVI®

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