Black Beauty

We make Black Beauty for you from a high-gloss, scratch-resistant premium imitation patent leather, which gives each leg a dreamlike, slim silhouette. Our ingenious upside down zipper technology with “endless zipper look” allows our Vivi® wearer the ideal entry and on the other hand the possibility of combining with different shoes – regardless of their width. Our special super stretch silk satin inner lining ensures a comfortable wearing experience with optimal support – guaranteed without slipping!

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23 customer reviews


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XS, S, M, L, XL


S, M, L, XL

Outer Fabric

40% Polyester, 60% Polyurethane


100% Polyester



Washing Instructions

Wipe with a damp cloth or dry clean.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Black Beauty

  1. Alex

    Great for any occasion! In loooove

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  2. Khloe B

    The material in your leg couture is a game-changer. So soft and comfortable!

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  3. Marian

    The compliments I receive when wearing your leg couture are endless. Such a confidence boost!

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  4. Jennifer Stone

    Amazed with this high quality product!! So comfortable and classy. Efficient and quick delivery

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  5. Marissa Fernandez

    100 recomendado

    Muy feliz con mi nueva compra! Innovador y con diseño, adaptable a todo tipo de zapato! Muy chic y elegante >3

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  6. Julia Wanner

    It truly embodies a unique and edgy style that sets it apart from traditional footwear accessories. It adds a daring and unconventional touch to any pair of shoes, the zipper is just the cherry on top! I boght this ones and the black waves, and I´m loving both!

    Black Beauty
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  7. Bettina Hook

    Great product

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  8. Annika Thompson (verified owner)

    This makes extraordinary legs. Totally in love! Feel much slimmer now 😀

    Black Beauty
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  9. Hilal

    Great quality. Perfect accessory. Used it for a shooting! So innovative!

    Black Beauty
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  10. Ana Szelez

    Acest accesoriu este incredibil de sexy. Minunat. Îl ador!

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  11. Adriana Batolla

    Il mio ordine è arrivato ben confezionato, ma purtroppo una cucitura era un po’ allentata. Ho contattato immediatamente il servizio clienti e ho ricevuto un servizio di prima classe. Dopo due giorni ho ricevuto un ordine completamente nuovo. Grazie mille. Sono molto felice!

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  12. Sara Jobs

    Encomendei este modelo e estou impressionada com a qualidade. Minhas panturrilhas são muito largas e, por isso, normalmente não encontro botas. Com a Black Beauty (especialmente quando elas são puxadas um pouco para baixo para obter o efeito ondulado), minhas pernas ficam com um formato incrível!

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  13. Jaledra Homp

    Salomé (Saloccis World on Instagram) wore that with an amazingly crazy outfit in blue. I directly ordered them and I love them!!

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  14. Gabriele James

    So in love with this!

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  15. Xenia Bangla

    Dieses Modell macht nicht nur unfassbar schlanke Beine, sondern ist durch den glitzernden Reißverschluss, der die Wade entlang führt, auch ein echter Hingucker. So schön !!

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  16. Tamara Glore

    You have no idea how brilliant the silhouette of my legs is with this model. Ideal compression!!

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  17. Meike May

    My perfect boot for summer as it’s nice and short. And soooo elegant 😍

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  18. Stefanie Perly

    Quick shipment & amazing customer service! I booked a free configuration session before ordering, which I can highly recommend. I spoke directly to the founder Vivien.

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  19. Alex Pal

    Even better quality than in the pictures. Well done!

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  20. Therry James

    So ein gigantisches Konzept. Endlich finden Schuhe, die seit langer Zeit unberührt in meinem Schuhschrank stehen wieder eine Verwendung und können mit den VIVIs ideal erweitert werden!

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  21. Heike Kucke

    I ordered Black Beauty and received it 2 days after already. Unfortunately the size was slightly too small, why I had to return it. I was really impressed by their customer service. They were super super quick, extremely supportive and directly sent back my money. I will definitely order again at Vivien Sophie.

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  22. Verena Anger

    What I especially love about the zipper is that you can also leave it a bit open depending on the shoes your are combining with it. Super high quality of the product.

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  23. Brooke Straind

    When I received the parcel I was even more surprised of the quality of everything, which is even better than on the pictures. Such a fantastic concept. With my tiny skinny legs I never found suitable boots. Will definitely buy again !!

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Why we developed Variable Boot Legs?

Because over 85% of shoe buyers face the problem that the shaft is too wide and slips on the leg or is too narrow and digs in. We’ll help you get the perfect boot!

The Benefits of VIVI® in contrast to conventional boots?

VIVI® is a shoe topping that turns any of your own shoes into a perfect variable boot! And the best part: you choose between different lengths & widths!

Highest Comfort & Style!

We use materials that are characterized by a high proportion of stretch that nestle particularly well to the silhouette of the leg. Particularly positive is the supportive compression effect which comes along with the leg-hugging fit.

Innovative materials

With us, animals do not have to give their lifes! We will increasingly use sustainable materials such as cactus, apple or tea leather in order to play a pioneering role with our VIVI® s, also from an ecological point of view.​

Finest Craftsmanship from Europe

Strictly speaking, each of our VIVIs is unique as the processing requires finest manual work! Our VIVI® s are made in Katowice, Poland, by experienced seamstresses using the latest sewing tools. ‌


Yes, the VIVIs are variable boot toppings that can be put on any shoe you like.
Definitely! We offer VIVIs in many different lengths and widths so that everyone can find what they are looking for. There is the option to order short wearing versions for all VIVI models.

If you are interested in short boots or VIVIs that end below the knee, then you have to order 2 lengths shorter than what is recommended in the size generator for over the knee. Example: The size generator recommends length M, then you have to order length XS for a pure below the knee model.

Yes, any over the knee VIVI can also be converted into a below the knee VIVI by folding the VIVI in at any point, or pulling it down a little overall. For a pure below the knee look, however, we recommend ordering two lengths shorter. 
If you don’t want people to see that your boots are made up of two parts, namely the VIVI and your shoe, then we recommend that you take shoes that go up to the ankle and are as close-fitting as possible. Another tip to create a perfect transition between the shoe and the VIVI is to choose the shoe in the same look as the VIVI. With our first collection, this is quite easy because all models are black only.
With our first collection, this is quite easy because there are only black models, each with different looks: from smooth leather look to velvet to high gloss.
The VIVIs can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or be dry cleaned.
Yes, we will take care of the shipping and return shipping for you!

Styling Inspiration Black Beauty

Perfect for an everyday look!

Or do you prefer heels?

Endless styling options with a VIVI®


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